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2021 Trusted Partner Research - Community Hospital EHR (1 to 200 Beds)

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

What is a Trusted Partner? This is a term often heard by our research team when we speak with hospital leaders. Hospital leaders call vendors who provide excellent support and customer service Trusted Partners. These are vendors who are very invested in their customer's success.

We recently published the Trusted Partner Study for Community Hospital EHR (1 to 200 beds). Ninety Three hospital leaders from across the United States participated in this study sharing their insights about their EHR vendors. Of the five vendors included in this research, two were positioned in the Trusted Partner Quadrant and three were positioned in the Valued Vendor Quadrant. Allscripts earned the top rating as The Most Trusted Partner with the highest overall score for trust and partnership.

The difference between these two groups really came down to partnership. Interestingly, all EHR vendors scored above 70 percent for trust. But only two vendors, Allscripts and Cerner, scored above a 70 percent for partnership.

The trust score was based on four principles including Reliability, Aim, Capability, and Experience. Reliability is the level of integrity shown by each that allows their customers to rely on them. We measured how well vendors were able to keep their word and follow through with the things they promise. Aim shows how committed the vendor is to the success of their customer. It establishes the overall goal and focus of each vendor that guides their internal and external actions. Capability refers to the skills, strengths, and resources that each vendor possesses and offers to their customers. Finally, experience simply establishes the level of trust that is created through the everyday interaction with vendors.

Similarly, the partner score was based on ratings for Accommodation, Alignment, Communication, and Collaboration. It was this area that Allscripts and Cerner took the lead. Alignment seeks to understand how much the vendor is delivering solution features and functionality that are important to their customers. Accommodation uncovers information about how willing vendors are to tailor the solution or provide for unique customer needs. Communication is fairly self-explanatory. It examines the effectiveness of communication between the community hospital and the EHR vendor. Finally, collaboration seeks to understand how well vendors are able to work with their customers to resolve issues.

Hospital leaders, who would like to access the full report can click here and request access.

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